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Half bricks jumbo *new*

Half bricks jumbo *new*

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Reclaimed from broken jumbo bricks found here in New York City, the half bricks or Quoin Closes are cut lengthwise into 2 halves and mostly used in the corners in brick walls. These bricks are perfect for the contractors and masons looking to cut working time and injury risk on the job site. The mixed colors of red, pink, orange and ochre allow for increased creativity while keeping the rustic touch you are looking for. These perfect half bricks are the cutest of them all. 

Most frequent uses: landscapes, footpaths, remodeling projects, restoring heritage buildings, internal and external wall finishes, artistic projects and other structural creations.

Alternative name: Quoin close, antique quoin close, old coin close, used quoin close, antique half bricks, used half bricks, old half bricks.


Provenance: Reclaimed from New York City

Average weight per item: 1.78 lbs

Average size per item (L x W x H): 4" x 3.75" x 2.5"

Number of items per pallet: 960

Pallet size (L x W x H): 40" x 48" x 18"

Weight per pallet: 2,105 lbs

Color: red

Coverage: 8 bricks / sqf (floor)

Pictures are an indication only. Feel, look and color differ from item to item.

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