When you dump bricks and stones in a recycling center, you pay for the material to get crushed for landfill. When you let Chief Bricks repurpose the bricks and stones for a new life, you save the earth and money.


We'll buy your used bricks

Bring them to us. We'll take your used Hudson Valley bricks. Dark, red, orange, bump/clinker, jumbo. Please send us pictures, quantity and location and we'll be in touch.

Send us pictures

We can also come pick them up

Don't feel like moving bricks? We may even be able to pick up your used bricks for free. Send us pictures, quantity and location and we'll reach out.

Tell us where you are

We like old cobblestones too

Talk to us. We'll adapt to your situation.

Talk to us
  • Are you a recycling center?

    No. We are a reuse center and that's better. Reusing is about creating something of high quality and durability saving all the energy, costs and materials of recycling. 

  • I have used bricks and stones to sell, will you buy them?

    We are always on the lookout for bricks and stones. Please send us pictures, quantity and location via the contact form and we'll be in touch to discuss.

  • Are "reclaimed, used, antique, old" bricks the same thing?

    Yes. Reclaimed bricks are also referred to as reused, recycled, rescued, antique and old.